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BERA - Neviglie (CN)

Via Castellero Cascina Palazzo, 12
I -
12050 Neviglie (CN),  CUNEO,  Italy

Estate Owned by: Valter Bera | Winemaker: Umberto Bera | Agronomist: Umberto Bera | Viticulture Method: Conventional | Extension: 30 hectares | Estate Founded: 1975 | Winery Production Total: 180.000 Btls.

Winery Overview – For over 100 years, the Bera family has demonstrated their rich knowledge of the Langhe area, initially growing and supplying grapes to prominent wineries of the Piemonte region and eventually crafting renowned artisanal wines of their own. Located in Neviglie, a small village in close proximity to the prime soil of Barbaresco, this gem of a winery may be difficult to find but well worth the search. With a range of offerings that includes a lively Asti Spumante, a vibrant Brachetto, and a positively decadent Moscato d’Asti, the Bera family is dedicated to producing the highest expression of Piedmontese wines. With deep roots in Piemonte’s winemaking history, the Bera family began vinification and bottling of their own label in 1979, shortly after current owner and head winemaker Valter Bera graduated from the Enological School of Alba.

Location of Vineyards – Located in Neviglie, a small, bucolic town with breathtaking views of the Alps and the gleaming Tanaro River, this small, family-owned-and-operated winery spans several acres in Alba and Asti, two classic Piedmontese grape-growing areas famous for robust reds and refreshing whites. This hilly area southeast of the river Tanaro in the province of Cuneo is famous for its wines, cheeses and truffles — particularly the white truffles of Alba. The Bera vineyards thrive in soil rich with clay, limestone and volcanic rock. The southeast hillside location ranges from 1050 to 1247 feet above sea level, benefiting from continuous wind.


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