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SCALA Francesco - Cirò (KR)

Località Torricella di San Biagio
I -
88811 Cirò Marina,  KR,  Italy

Vignaioli Indipendenti


Estate Owned by: Luigi Scala | Winemaker: Benedetto Lo Russo | Agronomist: Domenico Spataro | Viticulture Method: Certified Organic | Extension: 10 hectares | Estate Founded: 1949 | Winery Production Total: 95.000 Btls.

Luigi Scala is located in the Cirò region on a 38-hectare estate belonging to the Scala family since the 17th century. Ten hectares are cultivated with vineyards following organic protocols.

The Scala winery maintains the ancient winemaking traditions of its heritage and still uses the wine vats built into the wall for the production of their red wines. The Scalas carefully engage in  the various phases of cultivation, vinification, and aging of the wine and prefer growing native varietals such as Gaglioppo, Magliocco, and Greco Bianco. This family’s philosophy of maintaining traditions can be seen as well in the winery’s management, currently headed by Luigi in the cellar and Francesco in the business side, both committed to preserving the spirit that inhabits these historic places.


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