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ANTONELLI Marco - Olevano Romano (RM)

Via di Villa Marina snc
I -
00035 Olevano Romano,  RM,  Italy

Vignaioli Indipendenti


Estate Owned by: Marco Antonelli | Winemaker: Marco Antonelli | Agronomist: Enrico Carli | Viticulture Method: Organic | Extension: 3.5 hectares | Estate Founded: 2007 | Winery Production Total: 7.000 Btls.

The company is located in the municipality of Olevano Romano, an ancient medieval village south-east of Rome at about 600 meters above sea level, in a territory with unique and distinctive pedo-climatic conditions. One vineyard is located on deep clay soils and the other on calcareous soils, between 300 and 400 m / above sea level. The vines are no younger than 50 years old and some are over 75 in the vineyard called Morra Rossa. Low yields and small dimensions allow the producers to carefully follow every detail of production with extreme attention by adopting strict biological protocols. The wines will be certified organic starting from the 2020 vintage.


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