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PODERE LA VILLA - San Casciano Val di Pesa (FI)

Via Pisignano 34
I -
50026 San Casciano Val di Pesa,  (FI),  Italy

Estate Owned by: Ilaria Tachis | Winemaker: Alessandro Cellai | Extension: 7,0 ha | Estate Founded: 2007 | Winery Production Total: 25,000 Btls

In 2003, Giacomo Tachis decided to replant an old vineyard, 1,25 hectares (3 hectares) in area, in from of Podere La Villa, an agriturismo that his daughter and only child Ilaria was managing for the family. It was down the road from the Antinori San Casciano wine production facility on Via Pisignano. The Tachis family lived elsewhere in the town. Tachis’s longtime friend and collaborator and fellow Sancascianese Valerio Barbieri recommended that he choose Sangiovese and Merlot for the vineyard . The vines were planted. The initial idea was that the family would sell the grapes to add to its income. It could only be assumed, however, that one day Tachis would have made his first wine. All his life, he had made wine for other people.

Within several years, he became ill and less able to continue his life as before. The responsibility to develop the vineyard increasingly rested with Ilaria. Family friends came to her aid. Alessandro Cellai, the technical director of the Castellare winery in Castellina counseled her on the exposure and soil of her vineyards. Because there is yet no vilification facility at the villa, the Di Napoli family at Castello dei Rampolla in Panzano has provided vinification, maturation, and bottling facilities. Markus von der Planitz, the estate’s fixed enologist, has wet-nursed and babysat the wines. Elisabetta Barbieri, a consulting agronomist specializing in enology, also keeps a watchful eye on them. The Tachis family winery, Podere La Villa, could not be in more caring hands. Meanwhile, Ilaria’s husband became increasingly involved in the farm.

The first harvest of 2006, was good but very small.The family sold the grapes. The next year, there were two harvests. The same day that the vineyards were harvested, Ilaria gave birth to her first son, Riccardo. He is the first grandson of Giacomo and his wife Maria. Given the importance of the day, September 7, 2007, the family decided to vilify this harvest. Though its 2007 wine was not registered as Chianti Classico, its 2008 was. The name of the wine is Pargolo, old Italian for “young child”. 

In 2010, the family issued a 100 percent Merlot wine, named Paggio, from paggetto or “page boy”. Nicolò, Ilaria’s second son, born in 2009, had a burst of blond hair that gave him the look. With Maria and Giacomo passing away within one year, these wines celebrate the theme of new life and a new road.

Over the years, the Tachis family has purchased more vineyards. It now owns about seven hectares (seventeen acres). Recently, the original vineyard was expanded to 2.5 hectares (6 acres). The elevation is about 210 meters (689 feet), and the soil is filled with round stones and fossil seashells.

Ilaria Tachis has supported the recent creation of the Viticoltori del Chianti Classico Sancascianese (now named Sancasciano Classico), an association of San Casciano producers. The town lacks an image, and it needs one, particularly if the system of using comune names is adopted. That there are three large producers, Antinori, Castello di Gabbiano, and Le Corti, at one extreme and many small ones at the other may complicate the association. (CREDITS: BILL NESTO, FRANCES DI SAVINO, "CHIANTI CLASSICO"). 



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Please note, any problems with the receipt of your package must be called in to us within 10 days of the delivery date! If you suspect the bottle is bad, simply put the cork back in the bottle and leave the wine in as well. We cannot take back any empty bottles! If you find any errors regarding the type of wine and vintage, please call us at +39 055 820 840 or send an e-mail to info(at)poderelavilla.it right away. Podere La Villa will arrange to have the package picked up and returned to us immediately for inspection. Once the package is returned to us, we will inspect the contents and then send out a replacement package to you. For this reason, it is vital that you let us know of any error immediately to ensure the fastest delivery of your new shipment. Please re-pack the wine and send it to Podere La Villa, Attn: Podere La Villa, Via Pisignano 34, I-50026 San Casciano V.P. (FI)

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2.3. Upon receipt of the registered letter containing Client’s notice of cancellation, Podere La Villa will immediately send to the Client, via e-mail, an order cancellation form with an authorization code which the Client must affix to the outside of the package in which the products will be returned. The products must be returned by the Client within ten (10) days from receipt of the order cancellation form using this procedure.

2.4. The right to cancel the order is subject to the following conditions: (a) Cancellation must refer to the product purchased by the Client in its entirety; partial cancellations relating only to some of the products purchased (e.g. two out of three bottles) are not allowed. (b) Products must be undamaged and must be returned in the original packaging, which must be complete (including packing materials and documentation, etc.), and must show the return authorization code supplied by Podere La Villa; (c) Products returned following cancellation must be in good condition. Podere La Villa will not accept return of used products or products showing signs of tampering, damage, or of negligence. (d) Products which are returned following cancellation must have, in addition to the authorization code, the same lot number indicated in Podere La Villa's original shipping documents. In the event the product returned has a lot number different from that shown in the transportation documents, Podere La Villa will refuse it and will send it back to the Client. (e) Transportation costs of products on cancelled orders to Podere La Villa at the above address will be borne by the Client, who will also be responsible for transportation risks.

2.5. Podere La Villa will inform Client of any damage to the products returned by the Client who is exercising cancellation rights within five working days of the merchandise's arrival at Podere La Villa´s cellars, to give the Client time to file an insurance claim against the carrier. The Client will in any case be expected to cover damages suffered on returned merchandise.

2.6. Podere La Villa will refund the price of purchase in all cases in which the sale is cancelled following the correct procedure through a bank transfer to the bank account indicated by the Client. Podere La Villa will not accept other manners of reimbursement.

3. FINE & RARE WINES (Private Collections)

Due to the limited availability of our Fine and Rare Wines, we are unable to offer exchanges and, in keeping with the practice of fine wine auction houses, we do not offer refunds or returns. Once the wine has been shipped from our cellar the sale is final. Please see the Fine and Rare policy letter that is included in all Fine and Rare Wine orders.


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