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ADANTI - Bevagna (PG)

Via Belvedere 2
I -
06031 Bevagna,  (PG),  Italy

Estate Owned by: Daniela e Donatella Adanti | Winemaker: Maurizio Castelli | Agronomist:Massimo Bianconi | Viticulture Method: Organic | Extension: 30 hectares | Estate Founded: 1972 | Winery Production Total: 160.000 Btls.

It is always a thrill to taste Daniela and Donatella Adanti's wines. When Sagrantino was a grape variety unknown beyond a handful of municipalities in Umbria, a region almost exclusively associated with Orvieto at the time, the Adanti winery was already there. And not only was it there: it was already making wines that would, in a few years, testify to the greatness of a vine and a territory. The winery developed under the collaboration of an exceptional team: the “cellarman-tailor" Alvaro Palini, who came from Paris, between one dress and another, knowing the great wines and wanting to replicate them in Bevagna, and Domenico and Piero Adanti, who had the courage to invest here, apparently against all market logic. And now the current owners continue to follow in these footsteps with enthusiasm and rigor. This is why Adanti is a name that immediately associates itself with Montefalco Sagrantino, without disrespecting the excellence of their other wines. Their work provides an emotion that is renewed, every single year.


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