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CÀ DU FERRÀ - Bonassola (SP)

Via Nuova per San Giorgio, 27/Bis
I -
19011 Bonassola,  SP,  Italy

Estate Owned by: Davide Zoppi | Winemaker: Barbara Tamburini and Vittorio Fiore | Agronomist: Alessio Maoggi and Antonio Zoppi | Viticulture Method: Organic | Extension: 4 hectares | Estate Founded: 2000 | Winery Production Total: 10.000 Btls.

On the Ligurian Riviera di Levante, precisely in Bonassola, Aida and Antonio founded their company in 2000.

Together they decided to give up their careers as entrepreneurs and traders to devote themselves to viticulture. Their son, Davide, studied law but soon gave in to the call of the vineyard and today manages the business.

Ca du Ferrà means House of the Blacksmith. Once upon a time, in fact, horses were brought for shoeing on the land which is now furrowed by rows of vines,.

Respect for the environment, organic farming, the recovery of uncultivated land and ancient native vines are the basis of the company philosophy.

Among the various activities carried out there is the very interesting project, "The recovery of biodiversity through the replanting of the Ruzzese grape," supported by Coldiretti La Spezia, the Liguria Region, and CNR of Turin. This ancient vine, forerunner of Sciacchetrà, was replanted a couple of years ago, and still needs some time to reach its full potential.


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