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Privacy & Cookie Policy


1. In accordance with Article 13 D.Lgs 196/2003 "Rules for the protection of personal information" Podere La Villa which is in charge of the information collected, informs Clients that the personal data collected will be processed with computers in order to supply the services requested. The collection of the data is necessary to provide the service. The data collected may also be used to send Clients promotional literature either via email or via traditional mail. Clients may allow or forbid the use of personal data for promotional purposes. The data collected will not be provided to third parties except as necessary to provide the service requested (e.g. banks, carriers, company consultants). We remind Clients that Clients can, at any time, exercise the rights specified in Article 7 of D. Lgs 196/2003, including cancellation and forbidding other uses of personal data. To exercise these rights Clients may contact the Podere La Villa representative in charge of data treatment via email, at info(at)podlavilla.it, or via traditional mail, at the following address: Podere La Villa Az. Agr. , Via Pisignano 34, I-50020 San Casciano V.P. (FI).

2. The legal relationship between Podere La Villa and the Client, unless otherwise specified, is governed by the laws of the Republic of Italy regulating purchase and sale of movables.

3. Disputes that may arise will be handled on an exclusive basis by the Court of the City of Florence (FIRENZE) ITALY.


1 - When the User visits our website or uses any service on DirecttoConsumerWine.com, we (further companies we work with included) might save some small data files on the computer or on any equipment through which the User has access to the website 

2 - These files could be cookies, pixel tags, "Flash cookies" or any other forms of data saving the browser allows or other User’s applications.

3 - We use these technologies to:

  • identify the User as a Customer of ours
  • personalize our services, the content and the advertising on DirecttoConsumerWine.com
  • check the effectiveness of our promotional offers
  • help us ensure that the User’s account safety is not jeopardized
  • mitigate risks and avoid frauds
  • improve the security of the site DirecttoConsumerWine.com

4 - We use both "Session Cookies" and "Persistent Cookies". Session Cookies expire and have no effect after the User has logged out or closed her/his browser. Persistent Cookies stay on the User’s equipment till their date of expiry or until the Uses deletes them.

5 - We code cookies in order to interpret any information they contain. The User is free to reject our cookies if her/his browser or browser extension permits it. However in this way there might be some restrictions to the use of the site and of the site services onDirecttoConsumerWine.com 

6 - Consult the documentation of the browser, its extensions or any other applications used to access to our website concerning instructions on how to stop, delete or cut off cookies.

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