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04027 Isola di Ponza,  LT,  Italy

Estate Owned by: Luciana Sabino | Winemaker: Vincenzo Mercurio | Agronomist: Vincenzo Mercurio | Viticulture Method: Convenzionale | Extension: 3 hectares | Estate Founded: 2000 | Winery Production Total: 11.000 Btls. 

Punta Fieno is one of the few unspoiled places on the island of Ponza. The difficult access by land involves 40 minutes on foot along a mule track in the middle of the Mediterranean scrub. An equally challenging landing by sea, which consists of jumping from the boat onto the rocks, has preserved this place from mass tourism. The old Ponza farmers used to arrive every morning at dawn to cultivate the vineyards, but today there are very few left: Luigino, Giustino, uncle Aniello and Liberato. Included in this small group is Emanuele Vittorio, a Neapolitan dentist and son of Civita Migliaccio, but above all is Civita’s grandson, Benedetto Migliaccio, one of the founders of Fieno, who is leading the charge.

In 1734 Charles of Bourbon colonized the island by assigning to Neapoltian settlers various plots of land with perpetual rights for their descendants.   He assigned to Pietro Migliaccio of Ischia the area of ​​the Fieno which, unlike others that were defined as "woodland," or "uncultivated," was already planted with vines.

Pietro Migliaccio brought the typical vines from Ischia: Biancolella, Forastera, Guarnaccia, Aglianico and Piedirosso.  These ancient ungrafted vines are now being brought back to life by  Emanuele Vittorio, nephew of Benedetto Migliaccio, who is currently working hard to  save them from the scrub brush that had eventually invaded the vineyards.



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