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PETRELLI Giovanni - Carmiano (LE)

Via Villa Convento, 33
I -
73041 Carmiano,  LE,  Italy

Estate Owned by: Giovanni Petrelli | Winemaker: Giovanni Petrelli | Agronomist: Giovanni Petrelli | Viticulture Method: Conventional | Extension: 17 hectares | Estate Founded: 2000 | Winery Production Total: 80.000 Btls.

Founded in 1984 by Paolo Petrelli and located just outside of Lecce in Carmiano, the Petrelli winery set out to bring the local grapes up to a new level.  In 1999, Paolo’s son Giovanni took over the reigns and dedicated himself to working in the fields and studying new ways of updating  techniques for growing native Negroamaro and Primitivo varietals. His passion for his vineyards, “his children” as he calls them, has been transferred to his daughter, Chiara, who represents the third generation in the winery.

The wines fall into the DOC category of Salice Salentino in the zone of Carmiano. The dreamy scenery recalls an ancient and possibly imaginary past when peasants and the land seemed to make up a unified picture of bucolic peace.


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