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ARGENTIERA - Donoratico (LI)

Via Aurelia 412A
Loc. I Pianali
I - 57022 Donoratico,  (LI),  Italy

Estate Owned by: Stanislaus Turnauer | Winemaker: Stephane Derenoncourt, Nicolò Carrara | Agronomist: Leonardo Raspini | Viticulture Method: Conventional | Extension: 80 hectares | Estate Founded: 1999 | Winery Production Total: 450.000 Btls. 

Founded in 1999, Argentiera takes its name from the historic silver mines of the Maremma region.  The winery benefits from its unique location as the nearest to the Tyrrhenian coast, as well as the highest in altitude, in the magical Bolgheri DOC territory on Tuscany’s southwestern shores.

This estate, which previously belonged to the Fratini family, is now owned by the Austrian magnate Stanislaus Turnauer. Within the DOC Bolgheri area Tenuta Argentiera is the closest estate to the sea and the one that reaches the highest altitude, spreading from the plains to the hills. Its vineyards are completely surrounded by a luxuriant Mediterranean vegetation, and the countryside where the Tenuta is situated is circumscribed by avenues of secular maritime pines and olive groves, in a charming and richly-scented landscape. This varied land is cultivated with Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Syrah, which are extremely typical, superb quality vines of the Bolgheri area. 80 of the estate’s 500 hectares are planted with specialized vineyards, all falling into the DOC Bolgheri [Registered Designation of Origin] Bolgheri and IGT Toscana appellation with a total production of about 450.000 bottles.


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